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JP Converter
(for Android 4.1+)
Designed for foreigners living in Japan, JP Converter is a simple tool for handling Japanese calendar dates and Japanese measures
  • Japanese imperial years from 1688 to present
  • Everyday measurements such as go (sake servings), jo (room sizes), tsubo (land area)
  • Chinese zodiac animals
  • Common metric units
Sushi Dictionary
(for Android 2.2+)
Find out exactly what you're eating, at sushi bars and Japanese restaurants in Japan and around the world.
  • Find definitions and preparation methods for more than 130 kinds of fish and seafood
  • See what each type of sushi looks like using the app's Image Searcher
  • Hear sushi terms in native Japanese with the Audio Output feature (Android 4.0.3+)
  • Learn about different styles of sushi popular in Tokyo, Osaka and elsewhere