JP Converter
(for Android 4.1+)

A guide to Japanese measures and the Japanese calendar

Designed specifically for foreigners living in Japan, this simple app provides quick help converting Japanese calendar years and common units of measurement. Calculate and convert:
  • Japanese imperial years, which are used on everything from official documents to bank deposit slips
  • Everyday measures like go (sake servings), jo (room size), and tsubo (land area)
  • For the metrically challenged, centigrade to Fahrenheit, kilograms to pounds and many other common units
  • Chinese zodiac signs - find out if you were born in the Year of the Horse or Year of the Dragon.
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Convert to and from Japanese imperial years, dating back to 1688
How big is a 12-jo room? How much sake is in a 1-go flask?
Traditional Chinese zodiac animal signs mark the passage of years in Japan.
Convert to and from liters, kilometers, kilograms, and many other units.
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