Sushi Dictionary
(for Android 2.2+)

Know what you're eating
Whether you're visiting Japan or dining at a sushi bar anywhere in the world, now you'll be able to read and understand the menu, without worrying about mistranslations - or missing translations.

In addition to popular sushi, the app also includes a complete fish and seafood glossary, including common preparation styles for each type of fish.

The Sushi Dictionary app is produced by, the authoritative guide to Japanese cuisine on the web.

Available for FREE download on Google Play Store.

Individual entries include preparation notes, plus audio, image search and share functions.
Convenient features
  • The Image Searcher launches a web search to show you what each type of fish looks like - both freshly caught and when it's prepared as sushi
  • Use the audio feature to find out how sushi words are pronounced in Japanese (Android 4.0.3+)
  • Share your new-found fish knowledge with friends, or just save definitions to your phone's memo app
  • Search-by-voice and search completion make searching on your phone easier
Helpful content for sushi lovers
  • Browse through all common fish and seafood words, or just the most popular sushi items
  • Find common preparation methods for each fish - sashimi, tempura, grilled, tempura, teriyaki and more
  • Search on English words, Japanese words, or romanized terms
  • Access definitions and details for more than 130 sushi and fish terms

Image searcher scours the web for photos, of both fresh-caught fish and sushi.
Tablet devices show full listings and detailed information side by side.
Even more tasty features with Sushi Dictionary Deluxe
  • Specialized sake terminology
  • Guide to yakitori menus
  • More than 800 Japanese food terms in total
  • (Upgrade available as in-app purchase)
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